This UUID is mine

I, Emil Lundberg, hereby at the time 2017-05-15T12:57:11+02:00 claim this UUID as an identifier for my person:

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Musings on data, formats and types

Lately I’ve been attending a study group on learning the Clojure programming language, and with me being a firm believer in statically typed languages there have of course been some discussions of the virtues of statically versus dynamically typed languages. Thinking of it on my way home tonight, I came to think that perhaps it’s not really that much about static versus dynamic types, but rather about documenting the format of data. I would like to expand on this topic in this post.

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Would you ask a man that question?

Consider this scenario: You’re interviewing a man about his hobby building robots. Would you in this interview ask him a question like “What do you think is your sexiest quality?”

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